A digital content world requires a new toolkit. Build in copyright protection – and much more.

The iCopyright Toolbar adds built-in copyright protection to every article or blog post. When readers click the toolbar, a digital “tag” ensures that your © follows your content across the web.

The toolbar also has built-in licensing and syndication tools, to turn your best content into dollars, when a link isn’t enough. Even tracks down content piracy, with our optional Discovery duplicate content monitoring service.

31 million articles and blog posts already have the FREE iCopyright toolbar. Install the toolbar, today.


Maximize your paid
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Powerful copyright protection
and piracy detection


Solve client copyright and
duplicate content issues


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Our premium DISCOVERY Anti-Piracy Service provides automatic monitoring and protection

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Bloggers Guide to Copyright Protection - Free Download

The Bloggers Guide To Copyright Protection

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We know our content on the web is scraped and repurposed every day, but with iCopyright we make it very easy for readers to “do the right thing” and obtain copies that are true to the original, honor our branding, and respect our copyrights.  Every publisher of web content should use this service!
Heather Davis, V.P. Licensing, Investor's Business Daily
As Canada’s most-read newspaper website, we're very selective about our partners. iCopyright has always been responsive to our needs and has consistently exceeded our expectations.
Marilyn Hertz, Manager, Licensing & Syndication, Digital Media, The Globe & Mail

Over 32 Million Articles Have the iCopyright Toolbar!

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